Decolonisation and post-growth economies

Funding Opportunities

Behind Locked Gates

Behind Locked Gates is an inside view of the impact COVID 19 has had within Traveller families and communities. The film explores the hopes, insights, struggles and resilience of individual Travellers, whilst highlighting specific issues connected to daily routines; mental health issues; child care & education; food scarcity and growing; work and livelihoods; post-growth and […]

Belfast food Network

Here in Northern Ireland, despite an abundance of producers, distributors and suppliers, we suffer, like the rest of the UK and Ireland,from ever- increasing levels of food poverty, food waste and longer, less efficient supply chains. We seek to combat this state of affairs by promoting a greater profusion and diversity within the food industry, making use of, while not exploiting our resources.


Enough! is a collective formed in response to social, economic and ecological crises within a Scottish context. Through framings of degrowth, decolonisation and deep adaption, we actively respond to emerging (and existing) crisis realities and make visible ideas which are explicitly challenging and exploring alternatives to capitalism. 


Gentle/Radical is an artist-run socially engaged project, centering healing and social justice, decolonial practice, and non-extractivist engagement. How power works, how it’s historically been organised, and how we transform this – is the starting point for what we do. Intersectional and cross-disciplinary, we curate, collaborate and build projects via cultural praxis that seek to make the marginal, our mainstream.

Hopeful solidarities

Hopeful Solidarities is a collaboration between three writer-teacher-activists and community
organisations we are part of in Brighton and Hove. In times of multiple intersecting crises,
ranging from struggles for daily survival in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, the spiralling cost
of living, climate change and the racist legacies of European colonialism, we explore and work
alongside islands of hope. We engage with members of our community organisations, listening
to people’s reflections on their own stories in the light of the present moment, and seek to
build on emergent solidarities through everyday, practical and creative work including writing,
film, photography, food and music.


ISOR supports people who live ethnically or culturally nomadic lives in terms of security, liberty, expression and free movement. We unite around issues that affect all nomadic cultures. We seek the common ground that can be found through the experiences of cultural diversity. Sustainability is a fundamental concern for us.

Liverpool African Diasporic Filmmakers Network 

Liverpool African Diasporic Filmmakers Network (LADFN) is a collective of Filmmakers, Creatives, Practitioners and Entrepreneurs that centre black identity in their work. We hold monthly gathering (in person and virtual) to connect, share and develop creative and entrepreneurial initiatives. If you’re interested networking, send your email and join our membership.

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