Who will dance with me when I am old?

A series of 11 short films from Autumn 2020 #SmallActsOfHopeAndLamentA daily outdoor practice in the park filmed on a mobile phone, propped on a tree or in a hole in the ground. Movement as a primary language, and a means through which to fall deeply in love with the land. A way of thinking, sensing, […]

Behind Locked Gates

Behind Locked Gates is an inside view of the impact COVID 19 has had within Traveller families and communities. The film explores the hopes, insights, struggles and resilience of individual Travellers, whilst highlighting specific issues connected to daily routines; mental health issues; child care & education; food scarcity and growing; work and livelihoods; post-growth and […]

The Cultured Club

The Cultured Club is dedicated to the sharing of wisdom and knowledge of the invisible microbes capable of creating better host health through the process of fermentation and natural health practices. We see the body as an ecosystem, acknowledging its interconnection and we aim to bring balance to our microbiomes one mouthful at a time. We […]


Ten individuals give personal and sometimes moving accounts of warehouse and food factory work, and reflect on their creative lives within and beyond the workplace. Their stories reveal some of the harsh employment conditions in contemporary capitalist workplaces in these sectors, and confirm the power inequalities inherent in them. Three of the narrators also look […]

The Shieling Project

The Shieling Project is a social enterprise and community-based off-grid education centre in Glenstrathfarrar, near Beauly in the Scottish Highlands. We use the story of the ‘shieling’ (àirigh in Scottish Gaelic) as a route into place-based learning about crofting, horticulture, green building, food growing and cooking, renewable technologies, traditional skills, crafts and culture. The idea is simple: to explore the landscape’s past to help build a more sustainable, resilient future.

Social Farms & Gardens in NI

Social Farms & Gardens in NI have been delivering the FSSSE programme to 23 gardens across the north of Ireland for 18 months, addressing fundamental questions of food sovereignty, power, control, biodiversity and climate instability, equipping us to find our own road to agency, through saving & exchanging seed together.

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Centre for Human Ecology (CHE)

CHE’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9Qkd-glHAoBtneJEau2JyA

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