Liverpool African Diasporic Filmmakers Network 

Liverpool African Diasporic Filmmakers Network (LADFN) is a collective of Filmmakers, Creatives, Practitioners and Entrepreneurs that centre black identity in their work. We hold monthly gathering (in person and virtual) to connect, share and develop creative and entrepreneurial initiatives. If you’re interested networking, send your email and join our membership.


Lantana is a children’s book publisher and social enterprise that believes in the power of reading to encourage children towards a greater sense of self-worth, self-esteem and belonging. By publishing inclusive books by authors from under-represented groups, their books promote diversity and inclusion, social and racial justice, female empowerment, and empathy.

The Reading Room

The Reading Room is a collaborative project where people can read, learn, listen, and share ideas. Through linking up with spaces across the country, we’ve created libraries stocked with thought provoking books. Reading groups and opportunities to meet authors are being established, providing resources and activities that hope to catalyse collaboration and conversation.

Fuel Poverty Action

Fuel Poverty Action confronts the climate and cost of living catastrophes as one fossil-fuelled crisis. We support residents fighting for safe, non-flammable insulation; warm secure housing; reliable, affordable communal heating systems; windfall taxes on energy corporation profits; and fair energy pricing. Born 2011, we’re a small but growing grassroots group.

Hopeful solidarities

Hopeful Solidarities is a collaboration between three writer-teacher-activists and community
organisations we are part of in Brighton and Hove. In times of multiple intersecting crises,
ranging from struggles for daily survival in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, the spiralling cost
of living, climate change and the racist legacies of European colonialism, we explore and work
alongside islands of hope. We engage with members of our community organisations, listening
to people’s reflections on their own stories in the light of the present moment, and seek to
build on emergent solidarities through everyday, practical and creative work including writing,
film, photography, food and music.


SHIFT is a digital platform that undertakes research and conversations with UK based learning disabled and neurodivergent artists about where and how their works are placed, showcased, and written about. The accessible films showcase eight artists and their practices, alongside important conversations with these artists, hearing their opinions.


POWER declares that a climate emergency has arrived on every street. As artists and filmmakers working with our home community we are taking a vital leap of the imagination – giving ourselves the power of government to print money and enact a Green New Deal now setting up a solar POWER STATION across the rooftops of Waltham Forest, London.

The Farmer’s Yarns

Founded by Maria Benjamin in 2021, The Farmer’s Yarns is a Cumbrian wool event that showcases farm2yarn micro businesses. Wool is a fantastic, natural, biodegradable resource that is currently undervalued. The Farmer’s Yarns highlights and celebrates the positive impact those making the most of this fibre can have. It brings together people open to knowledge sharing and collaborative working.

Sounding The Voices

Sounding The Voices scores collaborative exchanges between six women with lived experience of challenging histories. How might we ‘sound’ the space between our pasts and presents, personally and collectively, to shape futures resisting complacency and despair, and in doing so, offering a ‘being, otherwise’?

The Class Work Project

The Class Work Project is a workers co-operative focusing on class stigma and marginalisation. We centre the knowledge and experiences of poor and working-class people by publishing our quarterly journal Lumpen, and delivering workshops on class. We also work to create opportunities for the redistribution of resources within social movements.

Becoming British

British is a performative exhibition that seeks to interrogate processes of ‘Becoming’ and help audiences explore their own experience of nationality. Centering the voices of migrant artists and community members it will educate, entertain and inform – building
towards a documentary performance piece to be toured in 2023.

Young Identity

Young Identity (YI) is a Manchester-based literature and performance arts charity creating opportunities for young people at risk of excellence.
We believe the arts transform lives, our mission is to develop literacy, critical thinking and creative skills in young people through the dynamism of our innovative programme, we nurture the talent of tomorrow.

Drawing as Stimming

Drawing as stimming looks to create a time where stimming can happen, through drawing and in response to artworks in the gallery setting, or online in response to art collections. Drawing as Stimming seeks to explore how drawing and mark making can support non-verbal interpretation of artworks, whilst also enabling safe spaces to stimm.

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