Domestic resilience and creative communities

Funding Opportunities

Mouries Collective

We, Mouries Collective, are a fluid and interdisciplinary group of female artists, researchers and therapists based in Athens, Greece. Originally we gathered due to our common interests in healing and divination practices. We focus on developing connections with trees, plants and the diverse beings with whom we share this planet. We are now working under […]


POWER declares that a climate emergency has arrived on every street. As artists and filmmakers working with our home community we are taking a vital leap of the imagination – giving ourselves the power of government to print money and enact a Green New Deal now setting up a solar POWER STATION across the rooftops of Waltham Forest, London.

Radical Herbalism Gathering & Network

As a collective of medical herbalists, healthcare activists, bodyworkers and designers we have organised Radical Herbalism gatherings for the past eight years. We’re currently offering information and resources through our website, addressing the COVID-19 crisis through the lens of healthcare inequality and race-based and other injustices, with solidarity and support for people and communities experiencing the pandemic and its effects disproportionately.


The project and concept of RADMIN emerged out of an email conversation about
laminating at Bristol’s Cube Cinema. It has since taken on a life of its own.
Its radical yet delicate proposal is to reconsider administration not just as an infernal condition of life but also a site for action and intervention, dark
arts, wild experiments and meaningful work.

Sewing Café Lancaster

Run by Victoria Frausin, Sewing Café Lancaster is a grassroots project that advocates for an ethical textile industry and sustainable textile practices. We draw on ideas of conviviality in actualizing “the eight ‘Rs’” – revalue, reconceptualize, restructure, relocate, redistribute, reduce, reuse and recycle in relation to clothes and textile production and consumption.

shado mag CIC

shado is a lived experience-led community of artists, activists and journalists united in the fight for social justice. shado provides a space for those across different fields, who are currently working in isolation, to co-exist. We work with a community of over 300 artists, activists and journalists in over 50 countries around the world to spotlight and celebrate necessary and innovative stories. 

Shieldfield Art Works

Shieldfield Art Works (or ‘SAW’) is an arts organisation based in Shieldfield, Newcastle upon Tyne. SAW is an artist-led organisation committed to creativity, theological critique and community engagement. Through making art, growing, cooking, discussion and learning, we seek positive change for the welfare of the city, in order to seek out ways of supporting and enabling social transformation.


SHIFT is a digital platform that undertakes research and conversations with UK based learning disabled and neurodivergent artists about where and how their works are placed, showcased, and written about. The accessible films showcase eight artists and their practices, alongside important conversations with these artists, hearing their opinions.

Sounding The Voices

Sounding The Voices scores collaborative exchanges between six women with lived experience of challenging histories. How might we ‘sound’ the space between our pasts and presents, personally and collectively, to shape futures resisting complacency and despair, and in doing so, offering a ‘being, otherwise’?

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